Friday, February 1, 2008

The Joy of our home.

The Joy of our home…

Joy was 8 years old. She lived with her father in a small hut. There was a fire. Joy was 8. Her father could not be woken up. She screamed. She dragged. She was 8. Her father died in their home, in that fire.

Joy went to her mother and step- father. Joy was 8. Her step-father raped her. Her mother sold her for sex three times a night. Her home was a plastic bag.
Joy was taken to a government home. She was addicted to drugs and alcohol, she attempted suicide many times, she was highly sexualized. After rehab the government didn’t want her. She was too hard of a case.

A hut-A plastic bag-An institution

Joy is 14 years old. Joy is the first girl to be a part of our new Love146 safehome in the Philippines. Our “pink home” (named so by one of Rob’s daughters) opened in January of this year. Our home does not take “cases,” we take girls. We take girls that no one wants. We take hardships, struggles, confusion. We take laughter, hope; we take Joy.
The day after Joy came one of our caregivers asked her “What is your wish in life?” Joy answered, “My wish has come true. I am home.”

A hut- A plastic bag- An institution

A home.

A home.

We are the home for Joy.